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Memphis Pet Sitters

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These are some tapestries that are for sale.  Prices are negotiable.  Please contact us for more information at:
901-837-0908 Patty or Deaver
901-409-2961 Pattys Cell
901-763-4447 Heather or Billy

LINDBERGH - This is a beautiful tapestry of Charles Lindburgh. It was made in 1927 after his historical flight from New York to Paris. It is in great condition and and wonderful piece of art.

EARLY MOSCOW - A tapestry of Moscow before it became Russia. It is in wonderfull condition.

VICTORIAN - A tapestry of people from the victorian times dancing to music.

CHINESE SILK - This is a tapestry made out of chinese silk. I was made in occupied Japan. It is right around 100 years old. It has a slight hole in it and some of the fringe is gone. It is still very unique and beautiful.

All of these have had alot of pictures taken of them to display them acurately.  Please take a look and contact us for more information.