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Memphis Pet Sitters & Dog walking services

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**These prices are for a approximate 5 mile radius from our house.  We service the mapped area.  If you are not in the area but are close give us a call anyways if we can work you in we will do our best.

Dog Sitting

T.L.C. is Always FREE!!!

A) Feed, water, and take out---$16.00
Per 20-30 minute Visit.
Additional 15 minutes-----------------$5.00
Additional 30 minutes-----------------$8.00
Additional charges may apply for "special need"
Pets, breeders, or if there are too many animals/plants to properly care for in 30 minutes.

B) Brush out---
Short Hair----------------------$3.00
Long Hair----------------------$5.00
Matting Charges----------------$2.00

C)Nails----- $8.00 Each pet

D) Afternoon Walking Services---
20-30 minute walk ------------ $14.00 one dog
Additional dog walked at same time is $2.00 extra
Up to Two dogs walked at one time
If purchasing a bulk of 10 days or more price goes down to 12.00 a day

Cat Sitting

A) Feed, Change Water, clean litter Box,
play with, love on,( when the cat gets ready ;-)16.00/Visit
Each additional 15 minutes---------$5.00
Additional 30 minutes---------------$8.00 
Nursing kittens MAY be charged more.

B) Brush Out-
Short Hair-----3.00
Long Hair------5.00
Matting charge-2.00

C) Nails-------8.00


* Horses will be charged on a Time basis and not included in the maped area*

A ) Horses will be charged on a Time basis.
Each 15 minutes = $8.00
20.00 minimum
Each Visit CAN include Brushing, Cleaning feet,
Feed/grain, Water, Hay if needed or wanted,
let horse in/out of barn or pasture, Cleaning Stalls,  bath, and exercise.
T.L.C is always Free!
Stalls are done on a time basis

C) Exercise-
Charged on a time basis.

D) Bath(Weather Permitting)- 
Charged on a time basis

*Owner MUST have ALL of the proper materials for
the above mentioned duties to be preformed.*

Reptiles, birds, insects, spiders, rabbits, and any small animal I have missed.

$16.00 per 30 minute visit.
$5.00 per extra 15 minutes needed there after.

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